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  1. Sean, could I please get youtuber rank in game? I made a video earlier today. :) Also could I get like a inv of each mystery box maybe not all but some? I will open them on a alt so it doesn't get mixed with my items on my main! Thanks man!! :):)

    1. viral


      LOL What do you expect to get paid for one crappy video that took 2-5 mins to make? Dude, being a youtuber means you HAVE to put time and effort into what you do, meaning you have to make a required amount of videos per week and have to be active and from what i see right now you are just doing it for items.... 

    2. MintRSPS


      Before I took a break I had the youtuber rank and I made over 10 videos for Domx. So this isn't my first video mate. So don't speak till you know the truth bud! :)

  2. Also Sean, I was just looking back at my old staff application. All the staff members and everyone wanted me as staff. :c I feel as I let them down for doing what I did and I deeply apologize for it. I just wish I didn't do it so I wouldn't of lost staff. So I was wondering am I still allowed to atleast apply for staff one more time?

    1. I Report Staff

      I Report Staff

      Shut ur fucking mouth but yeah seans a retard, bans u for making vids on other servers but not zachtx/didyscape. loOl bias loc

    2. Omega


      Yeah exactly stfu, you were the worst staff to date

    3. MintRSPS


      Lmaooo whatever you say idc. :)

  3. Hey sean, It's me MintRSPS. I know we havent quite seen eye to eye since the little incident when I was support. I am sorry about everything that I have done. So I am glad to say I am back on DominationX! I also like the new updates! So, I was wondering if I could get yt rank in game and on forums please? I will be making daily videos on Domination! Thanks