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  1. i am not strappy,was that because you are ragging me?


    1. Rioterme


      My job has nothing to do with my own stuff with you. I just follow the rules and implement em. 

  2. ive  never multi logged in wild so id like to know where you get your facts from? 

    1. Rioterme


      @strappy Read my post carefully please, thanks.

  3. @Trusted Had a hard time not putting that on #10 lol. i loved it so much too ez #11
  4. Hey guys, i am personally a big fan of anime, and i am wondering if there are any others who also do like anime too. I have seen over 150 anime's. If so, - Post your top 10 anime list that you like, in order from #1 - #10 -Your favorite anime character and why TOP 10 Anime's in my opinion: #1 Personally this was a hard decision but this goes out to Naruto #2 Attack on Titan (Shingeki no kyojin) #3 Death note (Gotta love ryuki) #4 Dragon ball -z-s #5 Full metal alchemist #6 Steins gate #7 Re; zero kara hajimeru isekai seikatsu #8 The seven deadly sins #9 Bleach #10 Boku no hero academia ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Favorite charachter Itachi, all the way man this guy has been suffering a lot and i love just how he works behind the darks. best character with the role ever made.
  5. Hey guys Are there any League of Legends players on this server? If yes, -Region? -Division? -Name? -Favorite lane? -Favorite champion? Lets see how many League of Legends players are here