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  1. Hey man, 

    Hope you remember me aha its been some time:P I've been busy af with school and looking to get back to playing again. I am wondering if I can get a rf on my past donations? I'm hoping to also donate against once I get back into it :P


    Thank m8,


  2. I never leave, Just take breaks.

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    2. remember m

      remember m

      suh ross hindumars10 :P

      long time no see noob


    3. Ross


      stfu ressetard 

      i miss u tho bro <3 cant wait til domx is back up man we will talk on there ok bye bro

    4. remember m

      remember m

      i dont think im allowed play but ill be on :P



  3. hey sean un bann this ip

  4. Hey sean, I know you don't reply much but i just need help i forgot my password skype me or pm when you can "high bridge"

  5. Hi Sean,

    I'm a new player interested in playing and donating for some of the cool things on the store but am just curious when this "eco reset" is happening as I don't want to do this before the reset and then lose out on some of the items.


    Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon

  6. Hi Sean,

    I disagree with the plans to eco reset the server. I think that we should not eco reset the server, because for the past few months, even while you were gone, many players were active and enjoyed the server. Basically, with the updates that you had running, people didn't even ask for new updates, moreover, it is the bugs that really need to be patched. Think about it. Since you were gone, how many times were you required to be active? Not many times. And especially where you have rules such as no refunds to giveback fights, auto dice, etc, we don't even need active staff team (no offense to staff team). But, my point is that, we are doing well. Minor bugs/fixes will do just the trick. I think we need to learn how to move forward from your absentee, and we do not need to start over. You have done so many updates, the have nevertheless, benefited DominationX, and have made it a eco pvp/pvm server like no other. I hope you take this message into thought. 




    1. nomercy
    2. Dark concept

      Dark concept

      When you've done everything on the server, you'll understand that updates are necessary. A staff team is necessary, and above all, an eco reset is indefinite. 

  7. yo, wanna un-ip ban me?


  8. i got hacked 'good game

    1. death domx

      death domx

      i got hacked 'good game'

    1. death domx

      death domx

      sean help me i got hacked for nox staff t2 obby set 5 myst crystal 'good game' i got vid

  9. Sean I just forgot my password. Could you help me?

  10. You said send you proof through pm on forums of my payment, but it doesnt allow me to send you a pm on forums.

  11. Please check my post: 


  12. I forgot my password to my account "hdultimate", if you could reset it and pm me when you get the time, that would be great xx



    1. free weezy

      free weezy

      what the f, i am hdultimate, i bought this acc from some guy, he is trynna scam me, i bought the acc like 1 month ago.

    2. free weezy

      free weezy

      Yall can see me online every day, how he can forgot he's password when hdultimate is online ? 

  13. Sean, could I please get youtuber rank in game? I made a video earlier today. :) Also could I get like a inv of each mystery box maybe not all but some? I will open them on a alt so it doesn't get mixed with my items on my main! Thanks man!! :):)

    1. viral


      LOL What do you expect to get paid for one crappy video that took 2-5 mins to make? Dude, being a youtuber means you HAVE to put time and effort into what you do, meaning you have to make a required amount of videos per week and have to be active and from what i see right now you are just doing it for items.... 

    2. MintRSPS


      Before I took a break I had the youtuber rank and I made over 10 videos for Domx. So this isn't my first video mate. So don't speak till you know the truth bud! :)

  14. Also Sean, I was just looking back at my old staff application. All the staff members and everyone wanted me as staff. :c I feel as I let them down for doing what I did and I deeply apologize for it. I just wish I didn't do it so I wouldn't of lost staff. So I was wondering am I still allowed to atleast apply for staff one more time?

    1. I Report Staff

      I Report Staff

      Shut ur fucking mouth but yeah seans a retard, bans u for making vids on other servers but not zachtx/didyscape. loOl bias loc

    2. Omega


      Yeah exactly stfu, you were the worst staff to date

    3. MintRSPS


      Lmaooo whatever you say idc. :)