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  2. Region-EUNE Division-Platinum 3 82 lp -Name NoxianWarGeneral -Top/Mid -Darius/Vladimir
  3. Anyone can help me 

    Account disable for no motive


    1. Mc Laren

      Mc Laren

      already dealt with by staffmembers L...

  4. hi man,can you play the game cuz i can't play it amore idk why

    1. Mc Laren

      Mc Laren

      Join Dominationx Discord to Report ur Problem.

  5. Hey man, 

    Hope you remember me aha its been some time:P I've been busy af with school and looking to get back to playing again. I am wondering if I can get a rf on my past donations? I'm hoping to also donate against once I get back into it :P


    Thank m8,


  6. could you come on rn please I think my account is bugged


  7. hey man can u kick roxana plz?


  8. can u kick me plz nick roxana and stafforshire 2 days cant log in because  acc are loged in... plz help! thanks for listening dear roxana.

  9. kick roxana and stafforshire plz


  10. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  11. can unmute kbd ty?

  12. Slap my ass and call me sally 

  13. Sean coming back July 15th the day of the world cup finals! VIVA LA FRANCE #FRANCE

  14. I never leave, Just take breaks.

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    2. remember m

      remember m

      suh ross hindumars10 :P

      long time no see noob


    3. Ross


      stfu ressetard 

      i miss u tho bro <3 cant wait til domx is back up man we will talk on there ok bye bro

    4. remember m

      remember m

      i dont think im allowed play but ill be on :P



  15. Hello i have been ipped for scamming jacob only i should never scam him and he know that either. i was a very active player on the server and i enjoying the server much. I own jacob 200k novite bars but because i had some irl problems (my granddad died) i didnt mine much for him. and i talked with him and make a sacarsme and say i pay you over a week or month but he knows i pay him in 2/3/days. so i can i get a unban and paying jacob and enjoying the server again..



  16. dont ditch us again dude this serverh as sm potenitial

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