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  6. Region-EUNE Division-Platinum 3 82 lp -Name NoxianWarGeneral -Top/Mid -Darius/Vladimir
  7. Anyone can help me 

    Account disable for no motive


    1. Mc Laren

      Mc Laren

      already dealt with by staffmembers L...

  8. hi man,can you play the game cuz i can't play it amore idk why

    1. Mc Laren

      Mc Laren

      Join Dominationx Discord to Report ur Problem.

  9. Hey man, 

    Hope you remember me aha its been some time:P I've been busy af with school and looking to get back to playing again. I am wondering if I can get a rf on my past donations? I'm hoping to also donate against once I get back into it :P


    Thank m8,


  10. could you come on rn please I think my account is bugged


  11. Hey guys Are there any League of Legends players on this server? If yes, -Region? -Division? -Name? -Favorite lane? -Favorite champion? Lets see how many League of Legends players are here
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